Welcome! There are views of civilization here, but more shows my outdoor travels

I like to explore & understand
I love flowers
I find peace in the wilds

Photo credit: Alex Romanoff.
Taken in Humphreys Basin, Sierra National Forest, California, September 10, 2014.

I'm an enthusiast photographer based in Oakland, California. This site is aimed mainly at family and friends and serves as a place for me to review and enjoy my own experiences ... but others are most welcome.  My focus is on the natural world of California and western North America: landscapes, fauna, and, especially, the native flora.  Backpacking, car-camping, and day hiking trips fill most of the galleries.  I backpacked as a young man, mostly stopped in my late 30's, resumed in my early 50's, and am enormously grateful I can still do so in my mid 60's.  A few other things are to be found here too.  Beyond that, I'll let the photos, captions, and page descriptions speak for themselves.

Personal/educational downloads are mostly OK.  Re-posting is too.  See the Tools & Notes page for details.

The logo image is a crimson columbine, Aquilegia formosa.  Besides being a favorite wildflower, the names (via their Latin roots) have good associations.  The botanical name suggests clear vision and beauty.   The common name, peace.

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