Reorganization - Jim Ringland

January 10, 2017.  I've completed a site top-level folder and gallery re-organization.  I'm continuing to check that all the links carried over appropriately.  The blocks below show the new and old organizations.  

This reorganization does several things.  First, the various "outdoor travels" top-level folders now mix backpacking, car camping and day hiking trips.  The old design kept backpacking separate, but galleries from the different types really aren't that different.  The Touring Natural Places folder, the old home for car camping and day hiking trips, is gone, with the galleries dispersed.  To keep things manageable, there are now three top-level Sierra Nevada folders.  Second, the "civilized" part of the site -- what was Events and Touring Civilized Places -- has been restructured to better match where I expect my photography to be going: more emphasis on home and garden, less on non-travel events.  Third, there are changes to make my site management easier.  Some live totally behind the scenes.  Some, like shorter folder names, are visible but may seem like trivial simplifications.  However, in a few places they make the tools supporting the site considerably easier to work with.  While doing all this, I've adjusted some of the gallery names and other text for consistency and clarity.

Just before the folder/gallery reorganization there were two other site changes.  In Plant Families I subdivided the old sunflower family (Asteraceae) gallery into five smaller galleries.  In the sidebar, I subdivided the old Tools page into several, all reachable via the "Info >" flyout.  Both the Asteraceae gallery and old Tools page were getting so large as to be unwieldy.  The Tools page redo also allowed me to introduce user-friendly "About Me" and "Tools and Tips" pages.

There may be one more change coming.  I may change the "breadcrumbs" at the top of the page to lead back to a top-level year folder rather than a top-level topic folder.  This would be a side-effect of a database structure change that might make my site management easier yet.  Unfortunately, such a change would have a big downside: it would break many links I've sent to others or that are out on the web.  (Links inside the site would be fine.)  I'm going to work with the current structure a while before taking any further action. 

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