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June - July, 2015.   Civilized Places and Events.   This gallery collects all the videos from the various tour galleries. Most of are just segments of the various movements, but a few, labeled "entire", present a whole.  These versions -- embedded from my Vimeo site and using their player -- should play smoothly even if the ones in the main galleries do not. Small screen? Hit the "4 arrows" button at the bottom right of a video to expand it to full screen.

Budapest Rehearsal: Rex Tremendae

Budapest Rehearsal: Tuba Mirum

Budapest Rehearsal: Lacrimosa (Entire)

Budapest Rehearsal: A Guest Conductor

Budapest Concert: Sanctus (Entire)

Budapest to Vienna: Bus Rehearsal 1

Budapest to Vienna: Bus Rehearsal 2

Vienna: Morning at the Stephansdom

This video is one where 720p or 1080p may work less well because of artifacts ("shimmering") towards the beginning.    Stay with Auto or 540p or go full-screen if you find this a problem.

Vienna Rehearsal: Songs of Strength and Hope 1

Vienna Rehearsal: Songs of Strength and Hope 2

Vienna Rehearsal: Trombones

Vienna Rehearsal: The Organ

Vienna Rehearsal: Confutatus

Vienna Rehearsal: Agnus Dei (Entire)

Vienna Rehearsal: at the Curhaus

Vienna Rehearsal: Conducting Style

Vienna Concert: Songs of Strength and Hope

Vienna Concert: Kyrie Fugue (Entire)

Vienna Concert: A Collage

Vienna Concert: Agnus Dei

Vienna Concert: Taking Bows

Eisenstadt: Lynne's Opening Words

Eisenstadt: Ave Maria (Entire)

Eisenstadt: Amazing Grace

Prague Rehearsal: Benedictus

Prague Rehearsal: Elijah Rock

Prague Concert: Plenty Good Room (Entire)

Prague Concert: The Water is Wide

Prague Concert: Introit

Prague Rehearsal and Concert: Recordare

Prague Concert: Benedictus

Prague Concert: Taking Bows

Prague: The Astronomical Clock

Prague: Old Town Square Panorama

Background Music: Vltava from Má vlast by Bedřich Smetana.  
Public domain recording from Musopen.

Special Addition: Songs of Strength and Hope (Entire) from the Prague Rehearsal

Sound recording on this video by James Nelson.

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