Left to Right:  Milestone Mtn. (pointy, Great Western Divide [GWD]), Midway Mtn. (triangular, GWD), Table Mtn. (flat/angled on top, GWD), Thunder Mtn. (triangle on horizon, GWD), Mt. Jordan (two little tops on horizon, Kings-Kern Divide [KKD]), Mt. Genevre (big triangle forward above snow patch, KKD), Mt. Brewer (snow capped wedge in the distance, GWD), Milly's Foot Pass (gap below and just R of Brewer, KKR), North Guard (sharpish point, GWD), Lucy's Foot Pass (above R  side of tarn, KKD). Mt/ Ericsson (huge, KKD), Harrison Pass (KKD),  Deerhorn Mtn. (behind Harrison), Gregory's Monument (KKD), Caltech Peak (just the end).

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