The Circle of Solitude - August 2016 - jtringl
August 3-13, 2016.   Sierra South.   The "Circle of Solitude", as named by Mike White in a Wilderness Press guide book,  is a 75 mile all-trail loop in Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks.  It leaves from Roads End at the bottom of the South Fork of the King's River and includes Forester Pass, Colby Pass, and Avalanche Pass.  It includes portions of the Bubbs Creek drainage, the upper Kern River drainage, the tributary Kern-Kaweah River drainage, and the Cloud Canyon branch of the Roaring River drainage. (White actually described the route in the reverse direction, but I did it in this order.)  White also proposed a cross-country variant, replacing Forester Pass with Harrison Pass, and the name has come to include many variations that involve the three drainages.  

The name is misleading, though, at least for the on-trail version I hiked.  That route includes the Bubbs Creek and John Muir Trails, both very well-populated in mid-summer.  The upper Kern and Cloud Canyon areas are less visited, but by no means solitudinous in early August.
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