Baxter and Sawmill Passes - July 2015 - jtringl
July 13-18, 2015.   Sierra South.   An East-Side solo backpacking trip with some big elevation changes. In at the Baxter Pass trailhead; up Baxter Pass and the Baxter Lakes; down to the John Muir Trail and then north on it to the Sawmill Pass Trail; out via Sawmill Pass to the Sawmill Pass Trailhead. This was a botanically interesting trip in two ways. First, even though it's only July, I hit the mountain wildflower peak in this very dry year. Second, by spanning the east and west sides of the Sierra Nevada crest and a huge vertical range -- 4,600' feet at the Sawmill Pass Trailhead to 12,300' at Baxter Pass -- this trip explored a very wide range of the life zones. The JMT segment of this trip overlapped with the two galleries from my 2011 trip in the area: Part 1 and Part 2.
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