Sierra North - jtringl

Outdoor travels here: mostly backpacking, some day hiking and auto touring.

I like to explore & understand
I love flowers
I find peace in the wilds

This folder lists outdoor trips to the Sierra Nevada from the Silver Divide north. The Silver Divide is the next divide south of Mammoth Mountain and Reds Meadow.  This folder does not include trips whose sole focus is on Yosemite National Park's western "frontcountry": the Valley, Wawona, the giant sequoia groves, and the area along the Badger Pass - Glacier Point corridor.  Those are broken out into the Yosemite folder.  A few wide-ranging trips are listed in both here and the Yosemite folder.  Trips south of the Silver Divide are in Sierra South.

Galleries are ordered more-or-less from north to south although there is some west-to-east wandering through Yosemite National Park.

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