Watching the Waves

Chill for 90 seconds and watch the waves crashing onto the rocks below the Visitor's Center.

Watching the Whales

We indeed did see whales going past, but it's not that showy a show.  Between my telephoto lens and some cropping afterwards, this view has a net magnification a bit over 10x.  That big whale is a small part of a much larger ocean scene.  The excitement comes and goes fast too.

Watching the Wings

I thought this was the better show.  Here's video of a hawk in flight we saw on the way back from the lighthouse.  He was kiting in the wind.   As the composite cover picture illustrates, various frames show a dark head, a light breast, a speckled belly band, perhaps a light chin area, a band of white on the wings, but a darker leading edge.  All suggests that this is a red-tail ... except that there is no particularly red tail.  This is probably a juvenile.

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