July 6-11, 2021.    Sierra South.    A solo backpacking five day / four night loop in Sequoia National Park out from Wolverton, with an additional car camping the night before to acclimate. This one was different almost all of my other backpacking trips. Three of those backcountry days were off-trail. I've done several off-trail backcountry dayhikes plus a few short distances with the full pack, but I haven't whole days off-trail since the 1980's. I heard about this area when I was on the High Sierra Trail four years ago. Several sources indicated it was easy off-trail hiking. Some was; some wasn't, although nothing was that hard. It was a grand adventure!

In from Wolverton via the Lakes, Panther Gap, and Alta Trail to Alta Meadow. Off-trail days to Moose Lake and Table Meadow, with a layover day to dayhike the higher parts of the Tablelands. Out off-trail to the Pear Lake Ranger Station then on-trail back to Wolverton via the Watchtower.
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