August 7-14, 2019.   Sierra North.   A night at the Honeymoon flat Campground between Bridgeport and Twin Lakes, followed by one of the classic NE Yosemite backcountry loops. Seven days, six nights, and five passes. In at Twin Lakes and up the Robinson Creek Trail, over Mule Pass, into Slide Canyon, over Burro Pass, down Matterhorn Canyon and up Wilson Creek, over Benson Pass, down to Benson Lake, over Seavey Pass, down to Rancheria Creek and Kerrick Meadows, up to Peeler Lake (which since has outlets draining on both sides of the Sierra crest counts as a pass), and back out to Twin Lakes.

I did more-or-less the same route in 1982(!), but haven't been back since. The stops back then were a little different and I added excursions to Miller and Rogers Lakes. About the closest I've come to this area recently was the 2017 Tilden Lake trip, which got within 10 miles or so ... not all *that* close in backpacking terms. I really need to explore the northern Yosemite backcountry more.
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