August 1-7, 2017.   Sierra North.   A night at the Hetch Hetch backpackers camp, followed by a six day / five night loop from the O'Shaughnessy Dam. Up the Beehive Trail with a lateral to Laurel Lake the first hiking day. Back to Beehive, then up Moraine Ridge and Jack Main Canyon the next two days, with camps along Falls Creek and near Wilma Lake. Tilden Lake the fourth night, then a fast two-day return stop with a night at Tiltill Valley. This hike spanned elevations from about 3800 feet at Hetch Hetchy to 9000 feet at Tilden Lake ... and conditions from late summer at the bottom to very early spring up top. No significant snow, but plenty of moist soil, standing (and running) water, flowery meadows, and mosquitos.

This trip partially overlaps with the 2011 Rancheria Falls trip, the 2013 Lake Vernon Loop trip, and the 2021 Rancheria Falls trip.
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